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Our latest observations in user experience research.

Grooming a Herd of UX Unicorns

unicorn drawing on notebook paper

I recently had the opportunity to hear Jared Spool address a packed BayCHI audience to discuss what makes a great experience designer. Titled “It’s a Great Time to be a UX Designer,” the talk reminded us about the growing demand for quality UX designers, or as Spool refers to them, “unicorns.” These unicorns are people [...]

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3 UX Elements of Game Changing Tablet Apps

Tablet apps

A Sneak Peek at AnswerLab’s Upcoming White Paper It’s not just about screen size.  Or what’s within arm’s reach.  Statistics are piling up about how people use the various devices they have at their disposal for different reasons.  At any one time, you may have access to your smartphone, tablet, PC, or TV but you [...]

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5 Proven Ideas To Spur Innovation

golden purpose

Successful product innovation doesn’t just happen. It originates with creativity, but it also requires careful, systematic execution. Innovation expert and founding team member Jeff Hoffman shared this counsel in a webcast for AnswerLab clients. I had the pleasure of interviewing Jeff for the webcast, where we discussed a variety of topics focused on the [...]

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TripIt Pro Knows Travelers: The App Proves It

Mobile Phone with trip it mobile app screen

At AnswerLab, employees receive an annual “tech benefit,” an allowance that encourages us to purchase new digital tools and technologies to make our work or personal lives easier and to try out innovations in user experience. My most recent purchase, TripIt Pro, is a travel planning app that creates a detailed itinerary by scraping data [...]

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These Students Got it RITE!

Credits or Catastrophes mobile app prototype

What can five high school girls do with a great mobile app idea in just twelve weeks? The Technovation Challenge team I recently mentored identified a problem in their community, built an Android app prototype from scratch to solve this problem, and pitched it to judges from around the world. Yes, after winning Regionals with [...]

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Everyone Can Learn from Lean In

Womens day 2013 accenture

By now, you’ve heard all the buzz about Sheryl Sandberg’s new book Lean In and the ways for women to think about their career. After reading this book and attending the Accenture International Women’s Day, I realized this concept isn’t just for women. Men can get a lot out of this book, too. Regardless of [...]

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Get Creative: 7 User Research Methods to Grow Your Toolkit

Participant interview for User Testing

While usability testing is critical to ensuring overall success of an experience, it’s not the only user testing method going. We want to share a quick cheat sheet to some of the most effective UX research methods we practice here at AnswerLab that you may not have tried. Learn what they are, when to use them, and why you should.

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Pocket Hospital? Tour the Mobile Healthcare Revolution

Digital Medical Experiences

Technology is shaking up healthcare – and not just with advances in medical devices and electronic medical records. Each of us is poised to become our own mobile lab simply by harnessing technology that’s already in our pockets. While the health-minded have been using mini devices to monitor daily movement (e.g. Fitbit) or track their [...]

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