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Our latest observations in user experience research.

FedEx Is Serious About UX


Think of the kinds of companies that might place such a high priority on user experience that they have entire departments devoted to it? What comes to mind? Google? Amazon? FedEx? Yes, FedEx. And for 5 years running, the FedEx Department of User Experience (DUX) has been organizing an off-site conference in Memphis to honor […]

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A Dose of UX: Healthcare Trends in the Digital Space


“Good health and good sense are two of life’s greatest blessings.” Publilius Syrius (1st Century B.C.) Our understanding of health and the human body certainly has made significant advances since the 1st Century B.C., and as we continue to make new discoveries and develop innovations, the landscape of healthcare changes every day. With healthcare more […]

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RITE – When you need to know which way to go fast!

Indian Jones running from a boulder

While in-depth user research is invaluable for honing insights throughout the development cycle, some design and development teams will benefit from studies with a rapid turnaround time, performed with fewer participants than a traditional study. These zippy studies identify the low-hanging fruit and suggest ways to move forward quickly in order to speed the design […]

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Data To Decide: A Model To Predict The Impact Of UX Changes


Businesses have more ways than ever to reach consumers, and consumers have access to more online information than ever before. At any one time, your customers may have access to their smartphones, tablets, or PCs to interact with your services, products, or brands. Even on a particular device, your customers may elect to use an […]

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The Formula for A-ha! UX Insights: How Much + Why

Blog_lucy _desi

Kirk and Spock, Bert and Ernie, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid – pop culture is full of dynamic duos who are better together than alone. As user researchers we could learn a little something from these pairs. All too often we divide our research into separate bins – those that involve quantitative methods that […]

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Grooming a Herd of UX Unicorns

unicorn drawing on notebook paper

I recently had the opportunity to hear Jared Spool address a packed BayCHI audience to discuss what makes a great experience designer. Titled “It’s a Great Time to be a UX Designer,” the talk reminded us about the growing demand for quality UX designers, or as Spool refers to them, “unicorns.” These unicorns are people […]

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3 UX Elements of Game Changing Tablet Apps

Tablet apps

A Sneak Peek at AnswerLab’s Upcoming White Paper It’s not just about screen size.  Or what’s within arm’s reach.  Statistics are piling up about how people use the various devices they have at their disposal for different reasons.  At any one time, you may have access to your smartphone, tablet, PC, or TV but you […]

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5 Proven Ideas To Spur Innovation

golden purpose

Successful product innovation doesn’t just happen. It originates with creativity, but it also requires careful, systematic execution. Innovation expert and founding team member Jeff Hoffman shared this counsel in a webcast for AnswerLab clients. I had the pleasure of interviewing Jeff for the webcast, where we discussed a variety of topics focused on the […]

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