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Mobile & Tablet

Build outstanding mobile and tablet experiences.

Companies that build outstanding mobile and tablet experiences know:

  • Who their mobile consumers are
  • What content mobile consumers want
  • Where they want mobile content

AnswerLab has been helping global, Fortune 1000 clients answer those questions since the beginning of the move to mobile. Our research begins with a clear understanding that mobile user experience is different than online user experience, and we use specialized research approaches to understand and explore those differences.

AnswerLab partners with clients to build oustanding mobile and tablet expereinces

As part of the process, we guide you through questions such as:

  • What is your cross-platform digital strategy?
  • How should you adapt your website for a mobile device?
  • What experience do tablet users expect?
  • How do consumers determine whether an app meets their needs?
  • How will users find your app?
  • How should you promote your apps to encourage downloads?
AnswerLab has deep, relevant user experience research to help you answer critical questions about your mobile strategy

Our experience is broad and deep. We’ve researched how to cater to the mobile lifestyle of every channel, and our experts have conducted research on mobile user experience across different form factors for all the leading platforms—from the Apple iPhone and iPad to Google Android and RIM BlackBerry devices.

To help you determine which approach to mobile user experience research is right for your business, view these Guidelines for Selecting Your Mobile User Experience Research Method.