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Our Process

Four steps to better user experience decisions.

AnswerLab follows a four-step process to ensure we understand your needs and deliver the answers and recommendations you’re looking for.

AnswerLab Kickoff to Completion

1. Define Your Research Needs

We begin each project by clarifying which objectives can realistically be met through our research. At the project kickoff meeting, we:

  • Put the research into the context of your marketing and business objectives
  • Clarify the needs and expectations of each stakeholder
  • Unify stakeholders
  • Set forth hypotheses
  • Align milestones and deliverables to your development timeline

2. Develop a Custom Research Solution

There are no off-the-shelf research packages at AnswerLab. We develop a custom solution for every project that ensures we meet your objectives cost-effectively while also maintaining high quality.

3. Deploy Appropriate Resources

AnswerLab researchers keep sight of your strategic vision while managing your project to the last detail. We manage any outside vendors such as panel providers and translators, so we are your sole point of contact for the entire project, from start to finish.

4. Deliver Actionable, Reliable Results

Every AnswerLab deliverable includes:

  • Concise answers to your key business questions, with supporting data
  • Strategic recommendations based on our knowledge of your industry and competitors
  • Tactical recommendations resulting from consumer reactions and research analysis