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Innovation drives our services and research methods.

AnswerLab is the user experience research partner trusted by the world’s leading brands. What sets us apart is the breadth and depth of our user experience research:

  • We perform research for companies from a broad range of industries, on every type of digital platform.
  • We specialize in cross-channel research (apps, websites, text messaging, etc.).
  • We conduct our research all over the globe—in more than a dozen languages across more than 20 countries on five continents.
  • We offer cutting-edge research methods that enable us to answer your most complex business questions.
  • We can conduct our research at any phase of product development, for any type of digital property.

Of course, leading companies don’t choose AnswerLab solely because of what we do. They also choose us because of who we are. Our team members have experience at Deloitte, eBay, Google, PayPal, and other global brands. And they have advanced degrees in computer science, human-computer interactions, cognitive psychology, market research, and more.

Most importantly, our team members have a passion for conducting user experience research—and delivering recommendations that make a difference.