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Create web experiences that deliver results.

At AnswerLab, we believe the online experience IS your brand. Every interaction with your website influences how your company is perceived—and is an opportunity to surprise, inform and delight your visitors.

We have delivered user experience insights to each of the top five global web properties, and we’ve guided the user experience decisions of many other leading companies with hundreds of millions of unique monthly visitors.

AnswerLab conducts user experience testing at all stages of website development

For companies of all sizes, we help answer key questions:

  • Can visitors find the information they’re seeking?
  • Did you provide a compelling reason for visitors to give up their personal data?
  • Can visitors complete their transactions without errors?
  • Did the website design feel consistent with your company’s brand?

Eye-tracking in AnswerLab's UX Research Facility

Bottom line: The world’s leading brands have confidence in AnswerLab because of our experience, our cutting-edge research methods and our passion for delivering recommendations that make websites—and brands—better.